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Why Joe Rogan takes the right supplements

To assume that taking supplements is wrong, would be equivalent to saying that we don’t need to monitor our sugar intake, our unhealthy food habits, or even bathing.

You see, we are not perfect!

and therefore you can see here: Joe Rogan Supplements

Joe Rogan is a new age gladiator and his killing it right now.

According to him our bodies are 10,000 years old (or to be frank, our body’s are built according to the conditions that were present 10k years back)

With that in mind we have to understand that we are definitely not adept to the conditions around us.

Now we absolutely need suns-cream to protect us from the wrath of the sun. We also need to monitor our water intake, and we need this water to be well filtered.

All of these things tell you how taking supplements is also an important thing.